About Me

Hi, My name is Anita Scripter and I am a web designer. I founded Sliloh Graphics in 2005 and I am doing what I love. I started off in 3d art but that’s taken a sideline to my web design work.

Where did the name Sliloh come from? Back in my mudding days she was one of my many characters, a Kzinti Rogue. When I started my business it seemed like a good name that no one else would have since it was completely made up. 😉

I have several other sites with names from my other characters. My troll warrior used to give people troll sweat that was a poison. Those were fun times! 😀

That eventually gave way to my immersion in 3d art. Using Bryce, Poser, Cinema 4d, Vue and several other supplemental programs you could make the most amazing scenes.



How did I get from that to web design? I guess it started with needing my own site for my art. Then making a few for friends. It’s a sort of an art also and I love doing it.